Kanban Service

Just-in-Time delivery

The Kanban service for screws and bolts offers a just-in-time supply that can solve inventory challenges and reduce operating costs.

Before and After


Implementing a Fervit Fasteners Kanban system streamlines material procurement and optimises warehouse management, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

With the support of the Kanban Supply Chain Team, Fervit Fasteners establishes a strong partnership with its customers, offering a consulting service for the implementation of a customised Kanban system proposal.

By studying the production process, Fervit Fasteners supports the customer in defining the parameters necessary for Kanban to function properly:

  • average consumption of items per unit of time
  • Kanban average stock coverage
  • backup stock level
  • size and amount of the containers



We offer modular shelving solutions with the number of shelves and columns depending on the size of the kanban and the customer's requirements.

    Various types of containers available:
    • Hopper front
    • with and without transparent flap, for easy handling at assembly benches
    • with cover for products that need to be protected from dirt
    • KLT


    In various sizes and colours
    • The most commonly used standard types:
    • 230x150x122 mm (2.7 Lt. capacity)
    • 350x220x145 mm (7.5 Lt. capacity)



    Data management

    Material refill requests are made automatically using devices selected according to the customer's needs.

    Consumption can be independently monitored by the customer by accessing the Fervit Fasteners web portal.

    • The web portal enables easy and functional monitoring of key material consumption indicators by showing:
    • The complete list of codes managed in kanban with the status of each individual container shown.
    • Stocks/Consumption in sales order with indication of last picking date.





    The KB scanner is a Bar Code Touch Screen reader working with sim card or with Wi-Fi.
    The scanner will read the kanban ID bar code and send the data to the Fervit Fasteners IT system to create the refill order.



    Automatic data reading system using RFID. Each kanban box is equipped with a RFID rewritable tag that "dialogues" with the KB ID Box.
    The data relating to the consumption of the individual material in the kanban container is automatically transferred to our ERP system by positioning the container in the RFID portal.
    This system simplifies the "unloading" operations of the containers consumed, increasing the speed of transferring data by reducing possible operator errors.


    KB TOP

    KB Top is the ideal solution for small businesses that simplifies material reordering procedures.
    The laser barcode reader is lightweight and easy to use: it is set up using a mobile phone (Android, Apple, Blackberry, or Windows mobile) connected via Bluetooth.
    The barcode data scanned by the scanner is stored in the device (up to 20,000 codes) and transferred to the mobile phone from which the order can be sent by e-mail to Fervit Fasteners easily, quickly and accurately: zero errors and maximum simplicity..


    4 Phases

    Activation of the project: 4-6 business weeks from the signing of the contract

    In the analysis phase, the existing configuration is studied with the customer to assess the various options available:


    This is all about defining quantity and frequency of supply to ensure optimum delivery times.

    Once the need for a product has been established, the following is agreed together with the customer:

    • the lay-out
    • our operator's walk-through of the customer's warehouse to enable the best possible replenishment of products, including in-line.
    • kanban refilling methods
    • the sizing of the shelves
    • supply schedules


    Deliver and Lead Time

    Deliveries can be made to the customer's warehouse, to the departmental warehouse or directly to the assembly line and are managed: by Fervit Fasteners carriers if the customer is close to one of our warehouses distributed throughout Italy and abroad; by our trusted partners in other cases, both in Italy and abroad.
    After our experts have carried out an in-depth analysis, we define the logistics specifications, which include service lead times, cut-offs, collection of empty items and delivery schedules.

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